If there’s one thing we love to do, it’s drive our vehicles. There’s nothing better than piling into your car or truck and go wherever you want to go. Usually the roads you travel on are familiar, and you seem to know every bump in the road. This familiarity leads to faster speeds, which can be dangerous.

Traffic signs of all kinds get disregarded. Many of us will have seen people sail through stop signs and pay no attention to the legal speed limit. It’s so easy to drive faster than the speed limit that you may not even be aware that you are doing it.

The need to slow drivers down has lead to something called traffic calming. The most visible traffic calming method is the implementation of speed bumps.

Usually, speed bumps are found in parking lots and roads that have been deemed hazardous to drivers and pedestrians. Speed bumps can be particularly effective in small neighborhoods. It’s areas like these where traffic speed builds up and over time there can be little regard for speed limits.

Many neighborhoods away from big cities can benefit from a speed bump or two, as here people tend to have less regard for high-speed traffic and their potential danger.

There are many people who feel that speed bumps will damage their cars. Studies have shown, however, that a speed bump over four inches high will not harm your car when driven quickly over the bump. Only cars in bad shape to begin with could be damaged by a speed bump.

We’ve all encountered speed bumps. Whatever we think of them, they clearly make a difference when implemented. They save the lives of children, walkers, and drivers alike. Slow down and watch for those speed bumps.

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