Asphalt is something nearly everyone encounters on a regular basis, but how much do you know about this common material? Here are some facts about asphalt that you probably didn’t know!

1. Asphalt affects the quality of your drive. When compared to concrete, asphalt makes for a much smoother ride with less noise, helping with fuel consumption and driver enjoyment. The next time you drive on asphalt, pay attention to what you hear and feel in your vehicle, then compare it to a drive on a different material!

2. The asphalt industry is reclaiming and recycling materials at a high rate. Several million tons of asphalt are reclaimed each year, and several million tons of asphalt are recycled, as well. It’s a sustainable material!

3. Asphalt is very common paving material on roads these days, but it actually has a long history. The first road use of this material was in 1824 in Paris! Before that, it was used in liquid form by ancient Egyptians for embalming.

4. Asphalt is not just smooth and quiet, it is safe. This material has strong gripping power, giving vehicles traction in all situations. This means fewer accidents, more safety, and an overall better drive for everyone. That’s something each and every motorist should be happy about!

5. Most of today’s asphalt is made up of aggregate and sand – it is only around 5% of the mix that is actually liquid asphalt, which works to hold the other materials together.

6. Asphalt is a very durable material. It is naturally moisture resistant and flexible, so it can resist heat, cold, water, and freezing. Maintenance is as simple as milling the asphalt surface and applying a new overlay every 15 to 20 years, making this material quite cost effective!

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